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Hosted and Prem Video Conferencing Solutions

Video Conferencing traditionally has been a great way to connect up multiple sites within an organization. It can cut down on travel costs and spur creatitivity with the added benefit of an enhanced meeting room. Video has also edged into other realms though with federation, web RTC and more you can now connect to your clients quicker and easer than ever before too. Click here→

Since 1999, Adigo has provided audio, web and video conferencing for businesses that need reliable, scalable collaboration tools. They optimize configurations for each account so conference calls can start faster, run trouble-free and increase organizations' productivity. They offer flexible conferencing features, enhanced functionality and superior international calling, along with a responsive and dedicated account staff. Choose conferencing and collaboration tools with unrivaled quality and premium service.

Adigo owns its own bridges so they offer exclusive benefits such as VIP accounts. They also specialize in international conferencing.

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Founded in 2001, Arkadin is one of the largest and fastest growing collaboration service providers in the world. With a vision rooted in the belief that progress emerges from people's desire to share, Arkadin offers a complete range of remote audio, web, and video conferencing and Unified Communications solutions. The services are delivered in the SaaS model for fast, scalable deployments and a high ROI. Its global network of 54 operating centers in 32 countries has dedicated local-language support teams to service its 37,000 customers.

- Audio Conferencing
- Web Conferencing
- Video Conferencing
- Unified Collaboration Solutions
-Webcasting & Virtual Events
At Arkadin, our sole focus is on collaboration-giving you full access to a complete range of audio, web, video and UC solutions. Our technology-agnostic approach means you have more solutions to offer customers to best fit their needs. Benefits of partnering with Arkadin:

-Experienced, dedicated Channel Partner management team
- Quick implementation and ramp to revenue
- Access to our award-winning service team
-Full suite of collaboration solutions: Audio, Web, Video & UC

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